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Eat like family.

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Remember the family dinner table? A break in the day to recharge and reconnect over a meal made with care. Home cooking feeds more than just our appetites: food brings families together.

Let someone else do the work

Actually getting that meal on the table is the tough part—but it doesn’t have to be. Your neighborhood home cooks are here to bring some loving care back into your busy week. Simply pick up a prepared meal from their home kitchen and celebrate victory around your dinner table. (Or you know, in the car on the way to the math tutor, on the sidelines at Little League, or while supervising a hot glue gun-wielding third grader who is crafting a humpback whale diorama that somehow is already due tomorrow.)

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How it works

How it works step 1

Find meals that fit your family’s tastes, location, and schedule.

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Pick up.

Stop by your neighborhood cook’s home to pick up your meal.

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Take it home and feed your family!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Simplify your schedule

Cooks post their menus a week or more in advance, allowing you to schedule a home cooked meal on your busiest days. Family-style dinners, add-ons for breakfast and lunch—we'll make sure you make it through the week well-fed. No waiting in line, no subscriptions, no dirty pots and pans. Just a helping hand from your neighbor when you need it the most.

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We believe in the cooks

The givers, the mothers, the fathers, the nourishers for whom giving boldly is the default. Josephine cooks earn a living by sharing what they love.

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