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  • Home cooked meals from your neighbors.

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    Order online and pick your food up from the cook's house.
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    Find meals that fit your tastes, location, and schedule from a verified cook.
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    Grab your food from the cook's house and share with your family!
    Meals in the East Bay
    Fresh meals made by neighbors. Pick up a hearty dinner for yourself or a few for the whole family!
    Authentic indian curry chicken recipe
    Fruitvale, Sunday 10/11 (5pm – 8pm)
    Gilman District, Monday 10/12 (5:30pm – 7:30pm)
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    North Oakland, Tuesday 10/13 (5:30pm – 7:30pm)
    Soul de cuba fricase pollo and cupcake
    Next Week
    Roasted tomato soup with fresh pesto
    Next Week
    Elmwood, Wednesday 10/14 (12pm – 2pm)
    Lotta herb rub chicken 3
    Next Week
    Stewed beans 8
    Next Week
    Fruitvale, Wednesday 10/14 (5pm – 8pm)
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    Img 1995
    Next Week
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    Next Week
    North Oakland, Monday 10/19 (5:30pm – 7:30pm)
    Elmwood, Wednesday 10/21 (12pm – 2pm)
    Elmwood, Monday 10/26 (5pm – 7pm)
    Elmwood, Wednesday 10/28 (12pm – 2pm)
    Elmwood, Wednesday 10/28 (4:30pm – 7pm)
    Glenview, Thursday 10/29 (5:30pm – 7pm)
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    “I cook for Josephine because I love the sense of community, the comradery when customers visit my home, and getting to share what I love – food.”
    “It's rewarding to meet the people I'm cooking for. I also enjoy the reviews after each cooking session - the good and not so good.”

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