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Eat like family.

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Remember your childhood kitchen? The memory of being cooked for by a parent, a grandparent, a friend? When food is cooked by a person, not a corporation, it feels different. Home cooking feeds more than just our appetites. Food brings people together.

See what's cooking.

There are talented cooks on every street corner, so why not let them feed you and your family? Whether it’s an authentic dish from around the world, or an old family recipe, every neighborhood cook has something delicious and unique to offer. Sign up to see what's cooking in your community this week!

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We believe in the cooks

The givers, the mothers, the fathers, the nourishers for whom giving boldly is the default. Josephine cooks earn a living by sharing what they love.

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How it works

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Find meals that fit your tastes, location, and schedule from a verified Josephine cook.

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Pick up.

Connect with your community at the welcoming home of your neighborhood cook.

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Grab your food from the cook's home and share the meal with your family.

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