Community Guidelines

We want to help people feed each other better.

We are incredibly proud of the community of cooks, customers, neighbors and friends that contribute to the Josephine experience. Every day, our values guide what we are building — a movement that is dedicated to bringing neighbors together, sharing food, and creating a healthier, more equitable food system.

Our Community Gatherings are member-sponsored private events held by private chefs (“Member Cooks”) who offer their food and home to fellow Guests (“Member Guests”), each a registered Local Community Member within Josephine. Community Gatherings are invitation-based and supported by suggested donations.

To keep Josephine happy and healthy, all members of our community should:

Understand the Experience

Josephine isn't a restaurant – we support a network of talented cooks who want to share their culture, their compassion, and their craft. Our cooks set their own menus and schedules, and cook the way that is most authentic to their lifestyle. While Josephine powers a diverse group of humans and many types of experiences, all of our Cooks are sharing the meals that they've cooked with care.

Share Honest Feedback

Please share honest reactions to your meal and your experience! If something seems off, let us know. Feedback is crucial to our community, so we always respond quickly to concerns from both customers and cooks.

Be Open to Differences

Unlike chain restaurants and other industrialized food services, the Josephine experience isn't exactly the same every time. Our cooks come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and enjoy cooking different kinds of food. The variety and uniqueness of each experience is something we embrace. It's part of what makes our community so special!

Respect the Cooks

Remember that you are the Cook’s guest. Please don't show up early or late (unless you've messaged the cook in advance), always be mindful of your behavior, and respect their space.

It's up to all of us to ensure that Josephine remains a safe, loving place to share meals with friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you at a meal soon!

– Team Josephine

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