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Cooking with us is rewarding and easy.
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We'll help you prepare yourself and your kitchen to serve your community.
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Tools and Resources

Empower your personal food business through our management and promotional tools while staying focused on what you really enjoy--being in the kitchen.


Training and Education

The Josephine Cook Knowledgebase offers cooks regular newsletters, skillshares, and workshops help you continue to hone your craft.


Community and Support

Become part of a thriving community of empowered cooks. Share your passion, knowledge, and food both online and offline with your fellow cooks as you build valuable professional and personal relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Josephine provide for cooks?
Josephine offers all of its cook access to our exclusive Josephine Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base was created to help you succeed as a food entrepreneur. Our number one goal for our cooks is to create a successful personal food business. Our platform and numerous other tools and resources include:
  • Knowledgebase: home to a plethora of educational material on meal preparation, marketing, food safety, and customer service.
  • Cook Welcome Kit: Josephine signage and marketing materials to get your first customers through the door.
  • Online marketing: tools to to market your meals through our website, social media, and weekly newsletter.
  • Advice, feedback, and ongoing support: Valuable support from the extensive knowledge of the Cook Support team, as well as your fellow cooks in the Cook Community.
  • Liability insurance: $1 million policy to protect you in the event of an accident or illness resulting from one of your meals.
  • Free memberships: Access to brands such as Thrive Marketplace and Imperfect Produce.
Do I need any licenses for permits?
We require every cook to obtain a current Food Handler’s Card for their state before serving their first meal. This ensures a basic level of food safety knowledge. The course takes about two hours of your time and costs $15 (and we’ll even reimburse you for it). Once you’re approved as a Josephine cook, you’ll have access to a wealth of educational resources regarding safe food handling practices specific to cooking with Josephine. More details on our safety page.
What can I make?
Our cooks have full creative license—we want you to make what you love! Our staff and cook community are here to provide feedback or share meal ideas, but we want you to make it your own. Some cooks switch up their offerings every meal, while others offer their signature dish again and again.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some examples of great meal postings here.
Are there any requirements for my home and kitchen?
There aren’t any hard and fast rules in terms of size and type of your kitchen--we don’t have an eight-burner gas range or shiny marble countertops either. However, we do have kitchen requirements for safe and hygienic preparation of food. We'll go over these before and during your Video Home Tour, but you can see the full list of kitchen requirements here. Most folks do have to make some minor modifications to their current kitchen setup, like getting a lid for their trash can, but typically, if your kitchen and home are clean, organized, and well cared for, it'll work just fine!

Similarly, you don’t need to live in a large home, but Josephine works best for folks who live in houses or apartments where people can comfortably park and navigate to your door and eventually, your kitchen. People are picking up their food to go, so you won’t have more than a few people in your home at a time, but the path to kitchen should be simple and uncluttered.

What Cooks Are Saying

Renee, Berkeley, CA

“Not only am I living out a childhood dream of cooking for others, I'm doing it as an entrepreneur! With all the help and support I need to be a success at it. The icing on this cake is, I get to do what I love, out of my home that I love, for neighbors who love and appreciate home cooked meals. This is one of my dreams and I'm living it deliciously!”

Hai, Emeryville, CA

“Until last year, I lived in Saigon, Vietnam my whole life. I'd love to open a small restaurant here to share my favorite dishes, but really can't afford to do that now. By joining the Josephine family, however, I've been able to enjoy my passion for cooking, introducing my favorite Vietnamese recipes to my Emeryville neighbors!”

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