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Cooking is about more than just food. We want to help you share what you love.
How It Works
Cooking with us is rewarding and easy.
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Set Your Menu
Pick the food, price, date, and pickup time.
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Nourish Your Neighborhood
Serve your food to-go from your home.
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Grow Your Community
Build a loyal following of people who love your craft.

Tools & Resources

Use our tools to manage, promote, and grow your business, while putting your relationships with your customers first. We make it easy to publish and market your meals, manage orders and collect payment, communicate with customers and gather feedback, and keep your finances organized — all from your smartphone or computer. Being a Josephine cook also comes with perks like $1m Liability Insurance and free memberships with our partners like Thrive Marketplace and Imperfect Produce.

Tools and resources

Training & Education

Learn how to be a successful cook and business owner with the extensive online Josephine Cook Knowledge Base. Regular cook newsletters, skillshares, and workshops help you continue to hone your craft. Plus, you’ll receive guidance from the experienced Josephine support team — they’ve got backgrounds in all aspects of the food industry, from restaurants and catering, to policy and nutrition.

Training and education

Community & Support

Become part of a thriving community of empowered cooks. Share your passion, knowledge, and food both online and offline through our cook forum, regular social events, and mentorship opportunities. You’ll receive encouragement and inspiration from your fellow cooks as you build valuable professional and personal relationships.

Community and support
Frequently Asked Questions
How often do I have to cook?
It’s your business, so up to you! Our team will work with you to figure out what cadence of cooking makes sense for your goals, but ultimately you decide when and how often you want to cook. Our most successful cooks have showed that cooking consistently (at least once a week) allows them to more easily build up a loyal following of customers.
What can I make?
Our cooks have full creative license, so make what you love! Some cooks switch up their menu every meal, while others go with one signature dish. We want you to experiment and own it! Of course, our staff and our cook community are always available to provide feedback or share meal ideas.
Does it cost anything to cook with Josephine?
There’s no cost to set up a cook account or post meals. For each meal you cook, you’ll keep 90% of your total sales and 10% of your sales will go toward covering the cost of our services. We also partner with values aligned non-profits for no cost.
How and when do I get paid?
After completing a meal and confirming your sales, we'll send your payment via PayPal the next business day. PayPal transfers to your bank account within 1 to 3 business days.
Cook With Us!
Join our loving community of cooks and neighbors.
What Cooks Are Saying
Testimonials straight from the cooks' mouths.
“Not only am I living out a childhood dream of cooking for others, I'm doing it as an entrepreneur! With all the help and support I need to be a success at it. The icing on this cake is, I get to do what I love, out of my home that I love, for neighbors who love and appreciate home cooked meals. This is one of my dreams and I'm living it deliciously!”
“Until last year, I lived in Saigon, Vietnam my whole life. I'd love to open a small restaurant here to share my favorite dishes, but really can't afford to do that now. By joining the Josephine family, however, I've been able to enjoy my passion for cooking, introducing my favorite Vietnamese recipes to my Emeryville neighbors!”

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