Our Mission

We want to strengthen communities and empower individuals through food.

The purpose of our Mission Statement is to answer the questions of "What are we doing?" and "Why is it important?". Our purpose and our pride stem from these goals, and our success is measured against them. To read about How we approach our Mission Statement, see our company values.

Our mission at Josephine is three-fold:


We believe in creating more inclusive opportunities in food for people who need it the most - stay at home parents, immigrants, and people of underrepresented minority groups. Cooking is the most fundamental lever of economic empowerment, and the food industry has taken that away through its strict barriers to entry.

Food Justice

We seek to increase access to healthy food options, particularly in food deserts. Home cooking can catalyze healthy decision-making in communities that haven't had the privilege of nutritional education - the appeal of home cooking exists across all cultures and geographies. Home cooking also allows for the decolonization of ethnic foods by making sure that cooks and communities are directly benefiting from their own food and culture.

Tech Equity

We want to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive tech culture. Our platform serves everyone from ESL immigrants to mothers and retirees – not all of whom have computers or are comfortable with smartphone apps. We try to not only lead through example, but also to acknowledge and mitigate our displacing effect through support of initiatives and organizations that are building a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

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